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20.04.2024 – 24.05.2024 / 4.20土~5.24金
Ireland / アイルランド

The Ballinglen Museum of Art at The Ballinglen Arts Foundation
Main Street, Ballycastle
Mayo / メイヨー

Kwaidan, by Patrick Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904), was first published in 1904. This exhibition features the works of 40 artists based in Ireland and Japan who have been inspired by these strange and ghostly tales. Their interpretations are presented through a diverse collection of contemporary fine art printmaking and photography.

The exhibition is organised by Irish artists Stephen Lawlor, Kate MacDonagh and Ed Miliano, who formed the working group Blue Moon Projects in 2019 and began to develop an exhibition inspired by the writings of Hearn.

Growing up in Ireland Lafcadio Hearn absorbed the tradition of storytelling, honed his skills as a young writer in the United States, and wrote his most renowned works in Japan. Of his writings Kwaidan is widely considered to be Hearn’s masterpiece and the culmination of his literary output. Some of these tales are ancient, some just local folklore, but Hearn has woven them into a language that can joyously be translated into visual form.

Each individual artwork in this exhibition expresses the beauty, fear and inevitability of death and interprets these eerie and macabre stories through a variety of highly skilled print media. In addition to honouring Hearn’s literature, these artworks deepen the cultural bonds created by Hearn, between Japan and Ireland through this exciting cultural exchange.

In partnership with Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum, Culture Ireland, Department of Foreign Affairs, Office of Public Works in Ireland, Irish Japan Chamber of Commerce and SO Fine Art Editions, the list of exhibiting opportunities is growing, with new venues in Japan, Ireland, the UK and USA being added. This is just the beginning of a very exciting exhibition journey between now and the end of 2025.

‘Kwaidan’ in The Ballinglen Museum of Art at The Ballinglen Arts Foundation

We are privileged and excited that ‘Kwaidan – Encounters with Lafcadio Hearn’ is coming to The Ballinglen Museum of Art in Ballycastle, County Mayo, Ireland, in April 2024. The first of the Irish viewings on the tour.

Some of the 40 artists featured in the exhibition are Ballinglen Fellows – Nuala Clarke, Richard Gorman, Kate MacDonagh, Ed Miliano, Kelvin Mann, David Quinn, Barbara Rae and Amelia Stein.

The exhibition will be opened by His Excellency, Mr. Norio Maruyama, Ambassador of Japan to Ireland, on Saturday 20 April at 4pm at The Ballinglen Museum of Art, Main Street, Ballycastle, F26 X5N3. Composer and performer Neil O Connor will present a short live performance entitled Yōkai – a sound installation inspired by the work of Lafcadio Hearn.

To celebrate ‘Kwaidan – Encounters with Lafcadio Hearn’ coming to The Ballinglen Museum of Art, artist Katsutoshi Yuasa, whose work features in the exhibition, will also be teaching a week-long workshop on woodblock printmaking – the world’s oldest known printmaking technique – at The Ballinglen Arts Foundation in April. Katsutoshi Yuasa is a contemporary woodblock print artist whose work presents a conversation between the contemporaneity of photography and the tradition of woodblock printmaking. Registration is now open and can be booked via The Ballinglen Museum of Art’s website.

The objective of this ‘Kwaidan – Encounters with Lafcadio Hearn’ exhibition is to draw more serious attention to Lafcadio Hearn in Ireland and to elevate his work more fully into the pantheon of great Irish literature where it belongs. We hope that by hosting this exhibition in The Ballinglen Museum of Art, we will enhance cultural awareness and understanding of Lafcadio Hearn and his work across North West Mayo.

Opening Hours : Monday – Friday 12pm – 5pm | Saturday & Sunday 1pm – 5pm

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パトリック・ラフカディオ・ハーン(1850-1904)の『怪談』は、1904年に出版されました。この展覧会では、これらの奇妙で幽玄な物語にインスパイアされた、アイルランドと日本を拠点に活動する40人のアーティストによる作品を展示します。 彼らの解釈は、現代アートの版画や写真による多様な作品を通して表現されています。

この展覧会は、アイルランドのアーティストであるスティーブン・ローラー、ケイト・マクドナー、エド・ミリアーノによって企画されたもので、彼らは2019年にワーキンググループ「Blue Moon Projects」を結成し、ハーンの著作にインスパイアされた展覧会の構想を始めました。



小泉八雲記念館、カルチャー・アイルランド、アイルランド外務省、アイルランド公共事業庁、アイルランド日本商工会議所、SO Fine Arts Editionsの協力により、日本での新たな会場、アイルランド、英国、米国シンシナティが展示会場として加わります。これは、今後2025年末までの非常にエキサイティングな巡回展の始まりにすぎません。