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The Passion of Hoichi - Yoko Hara

原 陽子
The Passion of Hoichi / 芳一受難

Etching / エッチング
19.5h x 19.5w cm

In response to Lafcadio Hearn’s ‘The Story of Mimi-Nashi-Hōïchi’

Artist Statement
Haunted by the spirits of the Heike clan, the blind biwa player Hoichi plucks his instrument between this world and the next. To stay in this world, Hoichi cloaks himself with the text of the holy sutra (Hannya-Shin-Gyo). One ghost searches for Hoichi to take him to the other world. The only part of his body visible outside the protective sutra, his ears, float in the darkness—The Passion of Hoichi.

平家の亡霊に取り憑かれた、盲いた琵琶法師 芳一。鬼火に囲まれた、この世とあの世の狭間で琵琶を掻き鳴らす。この世に留まるべく般若心経に身を包む芳一。あの世に連れて行くため芳一を探す亡霊。暗闇に浮かぶ経を描き損ねた一対の耳。芳一受難。

Artist Biography / アーティスト略歴
Exhibition Prints / 展示作品