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Elected a member of the RHA in 2004, Aosdána in 2006, Amelia Stein’s black and white photographs pursue character and the constituent elements that create them. She has been described as a portrait photographer but her portraits are not confined to figure or facial studies but widen the meaning of portraiture to the effect of life and time on everything from the conventional face to the scarred landscape. Though meticulously composed in the camera her practice gives equal emphasis to the subtleties of the darkroom and meticulous attention to detail in printing. Absence and the passage of time is a recurring theme.

Her work is represented in the collections of The National Gallery of Ireland; IMMA Ireland; The Arts Council of Ireland; The Butler Gallery, Kilkenny; Limerick City Gallery of Art. Her work has been on view in solo and group shows in Public and Private venues to the present day. Formerly as a performing arts photographer, Stein worked in Theatre and Opera in Ireland 1979-2000. Currently she divides her time between Dublin and North Mayo.

In my time in North Mayo, specifically The North West Atlantic Corner of Ireland, I frequently revisit the locations of certain features of the landscape / seascape in an attempt to unearth what lies beneath. To photograph a feature in ‘other’ light and at different times of the year, presents a range of interpretations with some features consistently drawing my eye and camera back to their form .