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Michael W. Schneider, born 1967 in Austria, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and at the Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan. Since 1990 he has worked intensively in the medium of woodblock printing. Instead of the traditional knives, he uses stones found in nature to chisel structures into the wood plates and, since his studies in Japan, water-based substances (Indian ink, pigment, graphite) to ink the plates. He has also been involved in non-traditional approaches to printmaking including installation, photography, performance, and sound as an extension of his printmaking practice. For his research in non-toxic and computer aided printmaking Schneider was awarded the Theodor-Körner-Award 2005. He has exhibited extensively within the European Union, Turkey, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, North- and South-America. Schneider was founder and co-editor of “im:print, journal of the current state of printmaking” and staff-writer of “Um:Druck”, journal for Printmaking and Visual Culture.

Michael Schneider has taught printmaking and print-media at Webster University in St. Louis/ Missouri, at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Art and completed his habilitation for “Graphic Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking and Printmedia” at the University of applied Arts in 2014.

Since 2015 he is Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of the Arts, being in charge of the Laboratory Nr.1 of the Department of Printmaking.
Together with Barbara Romen (Beaten Dulcimer) and Gunter Schneider (Guitar), he developed a practice of synaesthetic performance. Since 2005, “Klopfzeichen (Tap Codes)” has been combining the sound of the creation of the woodblocks in free improvisation as an inclusive concept for the combination of fine art, music and literature.

1967年オーストリア生まれ。ウィーン美術アカデミーと東京芸術大学で学ぶ。1990年以降、木版画に集中的に取り組む。伝統的なナイフの代わりに、自然界にある石を使って木版に構造を刻み、日本での留学後は水性物質(墨、顔料、グラファイト)を使って版にインクを付けています。また、版画の延長線上で、インスタレーション、写真、パフォーマンス、サウンドなど、従来とは異なるアプローチで版画制作に取り組んでいる。シュナイダーは、無害でコンピュータを利用した版画の研究により、2005年にTheodor-Körner-Awardを受賞している。欧州連合、トルコ、日本、韓国、中国、カナダ、北米、南米で幅広く展覧会を開催している。また、「im:print, journal of the current state of printmaking」の創刊者および共同編集者、「Um:Druck, journal for Printmaking and Visual Culture」のスタッフライターを務める。
バーバラ・ローメン(Beaten Dulcimer)、グンター・シュナイダー(Guitar)とともに、共感覚的パフォーマンスの実践を展開。2005年より「Klopfzeichen (Tap Codes)」は、美術、音楽、文学の組み合わせのための包括的なコンセプトとして、木版画の制作音を自由な即興演奏に組み合わせている。